Male -- The Police Cooperative Society (Polco) has signed a housing project contract for its members with Island Expert Pvt Ltd today.

The contract to construct the flats was signed by Mr. Ali Shujau, the Vice Chairman of Polco and Ms. Khadeeja Umeyla, the CEO of the project contractor Island Expert Pvt Ltd.

According to Polco, the police social and recreation club, under this project the contractor will develop a total of 361 flats named The Blue Housing in 3 blocks A, B and C.  The Block A consists of 121 flats, while the Block B and C have 108 and 132 flats respectively. The flats will be constructed at the Polco site in Hulhumale.

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Under the contract, the contractor has to complete and handover the flats on October 2017. Polco has previously revealed that the project is aimed to solve housing problems faced by its members, the police servicemen. Island Expert Pvt Ltd, a strong name in the Maldives construction sector now, assured that the project will be completed within the agreed time frame.

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